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tacOMa yoga sprouted out of a space that was already rooted in the community of Tacoma, WA and that's where we decided to dig our roots deeper. 

Rachel and Shawnda's intention for this kula (community), is to create a space that allows yogis of all paths and levels to explore their practice in a way that resonates with them. tacOMa yoga is an inclusive space that everyone can feel welcome to practice and hang out in! We are strong believers and advocates for equality, connection, and enjoying each moment.

Come play with us on the mat and after, join us for tea in our lounge!

All our love, 
tacOMa yoga
rachel & shawnda






Before living in the PNW, Nicole called San Francisco home. It wasn't until moving up north to Tacoma that yoga found a place in her life. Is was the community more than anything that attracted her. Working as a purchasing coordinator in a corporate environment wears her thin at times and yoga has been one of the most affective ways to release stress and build strength.

Nicole studies astrology, offers tarot readings, and is also a Reiki practitioner. Healing modalities have become an important part of her life and finding more people to commune with over these topics fills her with immense joy. 

Only with us a few months, Nicole is planning an adventure down the West Coast starting this August! Visiting Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and wherever else the wind takes her. I'm sure she'd love to hear about your favorite camping spot or secret swimming hole along the way!

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Ceferina Carvalho

I am a local Tacoma artist and a plant enthusiast. 

My journey in yoga started as a remedy for knee pain and has evolved into a practice focused on a mind/body connection. Yoga has become an intimate source of self-love and empowerment for me. I am honored and grateful to become a part of the TacOMa Yoga family & I look forward to sharing space with all of you.