By tuning into the intelligence of body and utilizing the various modalities below we will work together in a way that brings awareness and connection to your physical body and your energetic, spiritual, and emotional bodies. In doing this, we then are able to explore past traumas, stress, or experiences that may be stored. Once we uncover we are then able to move through the work in a way that will release, clear, and shift.  

Tools and practices will be given so that you may continue this work and maintain the balance outside of these sessions.  

SESSION TYPES with Shawnda Noone:

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REIKI SESSIONS – Through light hands on touch and the facilitation of Ki through the palms, the intention of these sessions will be to replenish and restore. Through these gentle sessions, the body will utilize this energy to create a state of equilibrium. 

SHAMANIC SESSIONS – This ancient practice will be used to access deep intuitive knowledge for transformational healing. Before entering into these journeys we will discuss the focus, if any, that you would like to bring forth. These sessions have the opportunity to explore and offer; clearings, working with spirit animals, soul retrievals and more. The intention is to dive in deeper to bring transformational healing.

CHAKRA SESSIONS – Working with the Seven Major Chakra system the intention with these sessions will to be to identify and familiarize us with how the Chakras are manifested with in your body and life. During the first half of this session we will work with the modality of Reiki, using light hands on touch, to move stagnant energy. To end this session we will explore the specifics of the Chakra(s) and you will receive the knowledge and tools to continue your work independently.

INTUITIVE SESSIONS – These sessions will work with the intelligence of your body and will incorporate all of the modalities, as needed, to guide us in the way your unique path and session needs to unfold. Rather than working towards a specific direction, we will trust the sessions to guide us as your spirit needs.

You may be wondering, what does one need to bring to an Energy Session?
All sessions are performed on a massage table and fully clothed. It is suggested to wear comfortable clothing and come with an open mind. A journal is not required but you may want to bring one along to write in after the session.

Please visit for more information and email if you have further questions; how the sessions go, or anything else.