We are an inclusive, community based studio. We welcome all body types and all levels of experience to practice yoga with us! Please see class descriptions or talk with one of our teachers to see what class best meets your needs.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class to give yourself time to sign in and get settled. Stay after and enjoy a cup of tea and chat with your yogi friends!

Please turn your cell phones on silent or airplane mode and keep them in the belongings area along with your other personal items, they’ll be safe, secure, and you can have a distraction free practice.


What to wear:
We recommend comfy clothing that you can move easily in. Please don’t wear strong scents to class.

What to practice on:
We recommend a supportive non slip sticky mat, like Manduka Yoga Mats. There are many other amazing mats, but we happen to love these quality mats. You can rent them for $2 or they are free to use if you’re a member.

What to eat:
Practicing yoga on a full stomach might be uncomfortable, but so is being hungry. Something light to eat before is a great idea. We also recommend staying hydrated, some yogis like to bring water to class. We provide filtered water to keep your water bottles full.

What props to bring:
We have plenty of props a the studio for your use, no need to bring your own!