If you are feeling stuck or depleted physically, seeking emotional balance, or longing to feel nurtured in spirit, a session with me may offer just what you need to return to wholeness. Equally meditative and uplifting, Thai Yoga Bodywork combines the mystical art of Thai Yoga—often called "massage"—with Qi (energy) healing and integrative rest. This is great for people needing to let go, relax, feel stretched and pampered, and just have some time to be.

So, what is Thai Yoga? Also known as nuad boran, Thai Yoga comes from the healing tradition of Ayurveda, has been around for 1000’s of years, and is a comprehensive, full-body experience. I use my entire body to move, loosen and stretch you from feet to head, working the soft tissues and bringing mobility to the joints. The session is woven together by mettā and vipassanā, the transmission of blessings, loving-kindness, and compassion for what is there in the present moment.


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Through personal and client experiences, I discovered that blending the wisdom of Thai Yoga with energy healing yielded an unmatched result. I believe energy healing is an important addition, as it provides a true sense of being held and further supports the release of blocked energy, restoring immune function and freeing the body's natural healing potential. It increases life force (prana), allowing you to integrate back into your life with a sense of embodiment and fullness.

During your one hour session, we will create space by opening the physical body and energy channels. You’ll experience a series of flowing, assisted stretches, deep pressure along the body's energy meridians, and energetic balancing. The mind will still, and the heart will calm. Your only job is to relax and receive the magic. Sessions will always include focused bodywork, Qi healing and an extended restoration. I may also incorporate essential oils, crystals, and magnetic hammering. Each session is approached with reverence, respect & intuitive awareness.

Sessions are performed fully-clothed on a padded mat on the ground. Please wear layered, comfortable clothing. Sessions can be adapted for pre/postnatal clients. Private couples sessions may be scheduled separately (this is a sacred experience to share that I highly recommend.)

Feel free to email with any inquiries or visit for further exploration.